exploring the grief experience

Ten Thousand More is a podcast about grief, mental health, love, and whatever it is that intertwines that all together. I started it in an effort to both process my own experience with grief, as well as, hopefully, validate the experience of others.


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In the summer of 2015, I very suddenly lost my dad. This traumatic life event derailed my “life plan” I created for myself, prompting me to quit my job, pack up my life in Baltimore with my husband, and move out to Denver, where I grew up. I devoted myself to figuring out how to live a happy and fulfilled life – whatever that looks like – after suffering such a profound loss. In the fall of 2018, I began working towards my master’s degree in counseling, focusing on couples, marriage and family therapy, and hope to incorporate grief work into my practice.

When I’m not in the classroom, I love spending time with my daughter and husband, exploring the great outdoors in Colorado, and whipping up anything and everything in the kitchen.

Oh yeah. Why the name Ten Thousand More? When my sister and I were babies, our dad used to sing the song “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor almost nightly. There is a particular lyric in the song – “with ten miles behind me and ten thousand more to go” – that, I believe, perfectly encapsulates the experience of grief.

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